Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday morning and the last day of freedom for a while

The sun's shining after a slight frost overnight, it's not that warm but it's very pleasant. This week has been glorious. Where was the bad weather we were supposed to have?

Today is food sorting day as I said yesterday. DD is very willing to take my remaining stuff that I won't need and when they come round I'm making vegetable quiche (should use up plenty of the veg, not to mention eggs and the cream left over from Friday evening) with salad and home made coleslaw. Dinner is roast chicken, with the left over meat providing lunch and dinner tomorrow as well. Ironically, I need to get a small amount of cheddar for the quiche as I don't have any. Luckily, one can buy any specific amount at the cheese counter and I shall take the opportunity to spoil myself with a Sunday paper.

What I didn't do yesterday was try to make a strawberry souffle, being too full up after the sausages. So today's the day. I've made the 'sauce, simply by mixing an egg into the coulis and doing the microwave curd technique - 20 seconds and stir. So after the first course is finished it's a quick folding in of beaten egg whites and into a hot oven for a blast! Fingers crossed - it's typically me that the first time I make something like this, it's a made up recipe.

Well, I'd better got on with stuff then - have a good day!

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