Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday evening

Strawberry souffle: hmm, not convinced . . . bit of a waste of a good sauce really. Next time I will use gelatine and egg white and turn it into a mousse, I think.

Vegetable flan (or quiche as they call it nowadays): Mmmmm - absolutely gorgeous. Well, it would be wouldn't it, made with double cream? What thrilled me most was that somehow I finally seem to have acquired the knack of making reasonable shortcrust pastry. About time too! A repeat performance is definitely on the list for the summer family get together. That menu is looking increasingly appetising.

The fridge is looking strangely bare now that DD has taken most of the fresh stuff away with her. There's some salad for tomorrow, some roast chicken left over from dinner today which will provide me with lunch and dinner tomorrow, some milk, some yogurt and some fruit - and that's about it really. I decided to go with the 1200 menu and provide my own fruit, etc, for mid morning and end of school, which should take it up to about 1500, which is quite low enough to start with.
A fresh start for a fresh term.

I made another payment towards the Streele Farm holiday today. I don't have all that much to pay now, and it makes it all seem much closer than it really is. Exciting stuff.

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