Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday morning

. . . and for once I'm taking it nice and easy. A shame about the early awakening, but since then I've been pottering about catching up with the washing, getting a bit of damp ironing done (e.g. the hankies, tea towels, etc) and generally getting the kitchen into it's weekend state. Nothing too hassling.

We (years 1 and 2) had catch-up PPA time this week, for which we were all extremely grateful, as providing cover for absent teachers was the priority and the usual PPA was halved. However, staff meeting was cut in lieu of the missing time, so I think people were pleased with that.
As a result of that catch-up time, Liz and I got all the planning for next week done and dusted, and also managed to sort out some resources too. So my conscience is absolutely clear and I can enjoy the day.

I hope you do too!

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