Saturday, 17 April 2010

Saturday morning

We really did have a lovely evening yesterday - lots of chat, gossip, laughter and good food.
Lesley did a started of ciabatta with soft cheese and smoked salmon, with olives, etc on the side. Yum. Then Jackie did frankfurter stew, which was a lot nicer than it sounds - a tasty tomato and vegetable based sauce with chunks of frankfurter sausage on pasta. And then I did the cheesecake, of course. All washed down with moderate amounts of alcohol - honestly, we were very moderate! :0) The prevailing theme was rather obviously 'pink'. Pink salmon, pink tomato sauce and pink fruit and sauce on the cheesecake. I even had some sparkly pink rose, but we didn't open that!
So another successful FMC and another recipe for the 'useful and easy' list.

Moving on to today, there's a bit of washing which needs doing, the house is reasonably tidy - as tidy as it ever is anyway, but I need to go into school and get my classroom ready for Monday. That's the biggie today.

As for food, I had toast with Jackie (who stayed overnight because of drink and driving), lunch I'm not sure about but will likely be cheese, olive and cracker based as I have some left over. Dinner will be sausages with that nice onion gravy and veg.

Because I'm starting Bodychef on Tuesday, I have to work to use up all the perishables I have in the fridge. The whole point of this system is that you don't need to provide anything, apart from any drinks and milk. Alcohol is discouraged (shame). So I have fruit, veg, cheese, etc, all needing to be dealt with. Hopefully, DD will take some stuff when she comes for Sunday tea and some can be frozen. It's not a problem, but it does need organising to minimise waste.

One thing in the fridge is some strawberry and raspberry sauce - sorry, coulis - leftover from last night. It's very delicious and I don't want to throw it out. I could freeze it, but while trawling around among recipes on the Internet, I found one for strawberry souffle. Now I have never made a souffle in my life, so I reckon it's about time I started. So after the sausages, dessert will be strawberry souffle. Fingers crossed!

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