Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday morning

My sideboard looks like a florist's shop at the moment. It's very cheering; I love getting flowers and these are beautiful.
I recall earlier days when I was married and before children came along to wreck delightful havoc in the home. Ex and Late was a doctor. At some point he was doing his stint in A&E. Sometimes - quite often, in fact - they would hold funeral/memorial services in the hospital chapel. Flowers would often be sent. They needed to be cleared each time for the next service, so the staff often got asked to take them. E a L often came home with the most beautiful arrangements which were such good quality they sometimes lasted for weeks.
I'm not particularly 'keen' on flowers at a funeral. It seems to me a lot more productive, not to mention sensible, to make donations to a cause. However, I can also understand that 'sensible' is not necessarily the prevailing emotion at the time: people may want to make one last open gesture for the one they have lost and, perhaps, would be pleased to know how much pleasure those flowers gave for, sometimes, several weeks into the future. I called them Funeral Flowers, obviously, and they were invariably lovely!

And so the week starts. Twenty three more teaching days before half term (five weeks minus a bank holiday and an INSET day) and the reports countdown has begun! Liz has already started counting the 'last things' before she retires at the end of the term. Last early morning duty last week was one of them - which reminds me, it's my turn this week! Tuesday will be the last ever 'Meet the Teacher' meeting after school. Thursday will be the last ever 'look after Years 5 and 6 during their 'Meet the Teacher' meeting'.

I've committed to Bodychef for the whole of May! It seemed sensible, seeing as I've just been paid and have some money left over at the end of the month for once. So that's cut my need to shop down considerably!
So today it's the following:
Brekkie: Grapefruit and orange salad and a yogurt
Lunch: Tuna and sweetcorn, a wrap and coleslaw
Dinner: Spicy chicken pasta followed by a sort of Eton mess with a meringue nest, some natural yogurt and some berry compote. I have some raspberries (part of the basket of goodies given to me on Saturday) which I may add to the yogurt too
Snacks are walnuts, Brazil nuts and a pear
Sounds good, doesn't it?

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