Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday morning

Yesterday was a suprisingly interesting day. The unexpected meeting in the morning turned out to be an excellent demonstration and explanation of the assessment and progress monitoring package used by the Columbus School, our local (and rapidly developing) special school. This happens to be the school that DG attends, so it was also personally interesting. Apart from the knowledge gained, the outcome was the formation of the LDG (Local Delivery Group) SEN Group. We will meet once a term with the intent to learn from those who know - in other words, the Columbus School staff will train us in areas within which they specialise. The next meeting is in July and will focus on Autism (they are an Autism Society accredited school). I went back to school inspired and enthused.
It did help that Malcolm, the head, has a remarkably clear speaking voice, so I heard every word, and he is so enthusiatic and can explain very clearly and succinctly.

The weather held in the afternoon so we were able to get out for games, which went well. They do like their games: the focus was bats and balls, which they are not so confident about. There's always one little show off, at least, when the focus is throwing and catching! It was very warm and rather humid, so the rain later on has come as a relief.

The next BodyChef hamper arrived last night, but after I'd gone to bed. So this morning I've had the fun of unpacking it all. It's a bit complicated as I shall not be at home for a couple of days, but some can go in the freezer and DD/DG will use up the rest, so no waste! I've swapped around a couple of meals so that I can freeze a couple which I know will freeze well.

Best news of all - I weighed this morning (I know I said the first of each month but I've changed it to the last day of each month instead - it felt better) and nine pounds seem to have bitten the dust since April 20th. Now I know that an awful lot of that will be fluid, but what an encouraging start!

Today's eating is:
Breakfast: Bran flakes, sultanas and a plum (left over from an earlier day
Lunch: ryvita with ham, cheese and a cherry tomato. I might have the salad that is for tomorrow lunch instead of the tomatoes.
Dinner: Chicken casserole with rice, followed by fruit salad (but I think I will have the lime torte (Saturday evenings) instead and have the fruit salad for breakfast tomorrow.
Snacks: an apple and some cashews.
I know it looks a bit complicated and disorganised, but I know what I'm doing (I think)!

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