Thursday, 15 April 2010

F M C 12: Five spice pork with cashews

And how I have enjoyed it. Absolutely delicious.

I can't give exact amounts and so on because of copyright and as it's in the May edition of Olive, there's no link yet, but I think I can say the following.

The recipe asked for lean pork chop. I got some pork fillet, partly because I like it and partly because Morrisons had some lovely looking fillet on their fresh meat counter, whereas the chops didn't look that amazing. I sliced it and sprinkled over five spice powder and seasonings. Then it was fried in oil (groundnut) after which I added chilli, spring onion, sugar snap and baby corn, all cur into chunks - oh, and some yellow pepper. After stir frying, I was supposed to add soy sauce and sesame oil but, as I didn't have sesame oil, I sprinkled over sesame seeds and used pumpkin oil.

And it was delicious.

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