Thursday, 15 April 2010

F M C 12 and 13

I think it's 12 and 13 anyway.
After saying that I wouldn't do any more for a while, I opened Olive magazine and two recipes jumped up and slapped me round the face - oh, yes they did!
I was going to do the Raymond Blanc chocolate mousse tomorrow evening, but I have found a lovely looking white chocolate cheesecake, packed full of naughty things like white chocolate (surprise!!), mascarpone, double cream . . . mmmmm. Oh, and lots of soft fruit over it too and, as any fule kno, the good soft fruit cancels out the naughty cream, etc, so the calories don't count!
Then I read further and found a recipe for pork with five spice and cashews which also looks rather good and which I am going to do tonight for myself. I might even treat myself to a little glass of something to have with it.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

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