Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday morning and a delicious recipe

Gravy is gravy, isn't it. Just stuff you pour over your meat so it's not too dry.
Well, no, actually, as I'm sure you know, gravy can make or ruin a meal and I have found a recipe for the most delicious onion gravy I have ever tasted.
It can be found here, on the superb 'Cottage Smallholder' web site and I made it last night to go with some delicious (plain) sausages from Morrisons (I'll be getting some more of them, they were nice). It took more or less the time the sausages took to cook and is absolutely delicious: it's 100% vegetarian but has a real 'meaty' depth to it. On the Cottage Small holder, Fiona warns about not using it with a spiced or 'flavoured' sausage and I would agree - I think the flavours would clash.
It would go well with burgers or veggie burgers, as long as they weren't too spicy and I think it would also go well with other meats too, or on vegetables.

My dad likes his gravy, so I will be testing it on him!

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