Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday evening

Another normal day - I will be getting complacent if this continues. Even staff meeting was OK, with our Year 1 levelling looked at to see if the children are making appropriate/expected progress. All was well in the Year 1 world! Phew.

Just six more teaching days until the Easter break. This term is the odd one out. At Christmas there is a steady and inexorable slowdown towards the end of term, neatly punctuated with shows, parties, carols and cake. In the summer, more or less the same (apart from the parties and carols). Sports Day starts the run down, kicked into touch by reports, then rapidly chased by open evenings, so that by a week before the end of term all is done and dusted. There's time to catch ones breath and the fun and merriment commences.

Easter is different. It's as if one gets caught by surprise (that's Easter for you, isn't it - was there ever such a surprise as that empty tomb?) and there isn't the usual slow down. Planning for the last week of Christmas and Summer terms is so minimalistic as to be virtually non existent. Easter hits the wall at full tilt, planning rules right until the last day. Zooooom - CRASH!

Photo: Playing about with a half full bottle of chilled dry stuff . . .

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