Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday evening

This morning I was talking about hitting the wall running at the end of this term next week However the children have other ideas - they were so-o-o slow today, bless them. It wasn't helped by the rain that fell this afternoon, stopping the outdoor games lesson and making playtime an indoor experience! We have decided that next week's planning should involve plenty of practical activity and not a lot of pencil pushing! They are weary and it can only get worse.

One thing we did achieve - because of the government edict that money over a certain amount remaining in the school budget will be clawed back if not spent, we suddenly found ourselves with plenty of money that needed spending. Never mind that this had been saved for a longer term project, that has gone by the board now.
For some years, Y1 has been the poor relation compared to Foundation Stage. Our FS is lovely. It managed to attract quite a lot of outside funding over the last few years and is wonderfully resourced. In comparison, when the children came up to Year 1, the resources were generally old, thin on the ground and generally not wonderful. When I became KS1 coordinator, one of my first aims was to spark up the resources for year 1. As a result, when we knew there was money to spend, I put in an appeal for better resources for Y1 and, after looking at our sensibly modest wish list, it was all agreed. The role play corner has just been put together (lovely wooden furniture) and after school Liz and I moved stuff around until we felt we had made the best use of some fairly limited space. It's golden time tomorrow, so the children can christen it! :0)

Photos: The hedge at the front of the school, which is starting to look rather colourful and welcoming and a snap of part of the new furniture.

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