Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturday morning

It was gloriously sunny earlier. I think the forecast is not good, however, so it won't last long. However, at present it's fresh, clear and with a gentle breeze blowing. From the window I can see that the trees next door are coloured with a gentle, soft green fuzz and it's mild enough for me to have the french window open for a time to clear the remaining Chinese take away fug. I feel cheerful.

We had a lovely evening. Lots of laughs and giggles, no unkind talk in any way, just lots of friends enjoying each others' company. Enough food, more than enough to drink and the living room was tidy!!

We said goodbye to Lesley. Lesley was one of our regular supplies and PPA cover providers until the end of last school year, when she officially retired. However, she carried on doing PPA cover for Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage until yesterday. Part way through the term she decided that even the one day was getting in the way of doing enjoyable retirement stuff so she very sensibly said she would stop at the end of term. Yesterday was the last day as next Friday is Good Friday so a bank holiday. We'd had a collection, got her some pressies, signed a card, made a little speech and presentation, shed a few tears and toasted her and each other in some pink bubbly (provided by Lesley!). I will miss her presence at school very much, but she lives only a short distance away (so close that she could see my house lights on early yesterday morning and realised I was probably doing housework), so we will be staying in touch. It just means we have to work at it a bit more! We made a provisional agreement to take a trip down to London in a few weeks time, to visit the V&A (I haven't been there for decades, it must be so different now) and maybe enjoy a few shops. The coach picks us up and drops us off almost on our doorsteps, so it couldn't be better. I am looking forward to it very much so fingers crossed.

Liz and I had a good giggle yesterday morning, creating a rather naff poem for something at the end of term. I can't say more now - don't want to give away secrets - but when it's appropriate and if I remember, I will share our deathless poetry with my gentle readers. I'm sure you will be - er - astounded at our - er - mastery of the genre!

And finally - I know I'm way behind with the F M Challenge but it isn't going to happen today. There's just enough Chinese take-away left over to mean I don't need to cook, just re-heat.

Photo: Yesterday's violet photo edited using 'coloured edges'.

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