Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday morning

. . . and it's the usual round of getting things straight, doing neglected jobs, etc. Thankfully, there's nothing much going on with FirstClass (touch wood), nothing potentially explosive, nothing to tie the mods to hours of conference watching in case. It's damp outside but not actually raining, so I should get the transfer of stuff to the garage done today. As well as that the is the downstairs to tidy and clean so there's little to do next Friday when we have the next Chinese and Chat for 'my' team. Thanks to the extension, I'm the only one to have a space big enough to accommodate twenty or so people and I have enough china and cutlery too. Next term's do should be a barbecue and I'm hoping June will host that, as she did last summer!

I've sadly neglected my F M C recently so have to catch up with them. I'm hoping to do last week's chicken recipe today or tomorrow and then I will catch up during the Easter break, only a fortnight away now. The warmer weather is peeping round the corner and colour is beginning to show everywhere!

I've recently discovered a lovely site called Blipfoto, where you can post one photo each day. The restriction is that it should have been taken that day. If it's been edited, both the photo and the edit must be done that day. There's some lovely stuff on there, well worth looking at.

As for mine: An edited snowdrop!

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