Friday, 26 March 2010


A few weeks ago, DG asked for the roadway.

The roadway is a large set of interconnecting pieces of road, made of very stout card. When DG was a very little boy, Somerfields, as it was then, had some very reasonably priced toys in just before Christmas and the roadway was one of them. I bought two packs at the time - from experience, you always want more of that sort of thing.
On and off, DG has loved playing with it. I think it was one of the things that got him so interested in maps, and the two interests fed each other for quite a while.
However, all good things stop, and DG stopped playing with the roadway, so after nearly a year, I took it into school last term, for my children. They love it too. They build worlds with it all round the classroom, under the chairs and tables.

S0 when DG asked for the roadway, he was very disappointed to learn that it was at school. He seemed to understand why, but . . .
After a few minutes' thought, he started gathering things together. He asked for corrugated card, scissors and sellotape. Then all went quiet and industrious. After a while I wandered over to the table and there, very nicely set out, were some pieces of corrugated card cut to make road sections, toy cars driving along them and . . . my collection of Lilliput Lane and David Winter cottages!
After some discussion and some input from his mum, he accepted that this wasn't really a good idea. More thought. More scrounging around for card, glue . . . and he created some nice little houses to go with his roadway. Good for him! I think he had more fun that afternoon than he'd ever had with the roadway itself - and that's saying something. Where there's a will (and a Nan with the right stuff), there's a way!

Who says autists don't have imagination? Not me! And my darling DG can be as creative and inventive as ever his mum was - or me as a child. It obviously runs in the family!

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