Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Another full day

For some reason, although I was exhausted yesterday evening, when I went to bed I tossed and turned for hours, finally getting up at 1:30 to do some work. At 3:30 I was tired enough to go to bed. Not much sleep really.

I got to school early as usual and then had to whizz back home to put the planning for after half term onto my memory stick. I'd google-mailed it to myself and the system was down!

Liz and I had catch-up PPA (from the last INSET) and managed to get the first week of next term all nicely sorted. Then back into class where they had a whale of a time constructing an open box that might have something yum in it tomorrow.

And then it was lunch time. Cold, damp, windy - and at about 12:30 the fire bell rang . . .

The children behaved amazingly well. Some were eating their packed dinners, some were being served their school dinners, some were already out. They were all over the place. But within two minutes they had all gathered on the top playground and were lining up in classes to be checked.
And then it turned out that it wasn't a practice drill so we all had to wait on the playground, in lines, in the cold, rain and wind, some without coats. It was VERY cold. The fire engine turned up and there was huge excitement all round. After about 25 minutes altogether (which seems a very long time when you have over 400 children to keep calm and controlled out in the wind and rain) the all clear was sounded, life returned to normal and when my children came in they all headed for the radiators to warm themselves up!
At least we then didn't have to have the planned (but secret) fire drill which, I think, was due this afternoon. And we suspect we know the culprit too! Woe betide him or her!!!
After school and staff meeting I stayed late to get that Important Paperwork more or less finalised. It took for ever but it was worth it because now it's all in a neat, tidy pile awaiting a few more photocopies before sending it on its way tomorrow. Phew. Luckily it was the school governors' meeting this evening so the school remained open much later than usual. That made all the difference.

And now I'm home, very tired, but pretty satisfied one way and another. I reckon sleep will come a lot more readily tonight.

One More Day!

Photo: Do iron bars a prison make???

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