Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sunday morning

. . . and I didn't sleep quite so well last night after a fairly heavy (and delicious) meal.

We had to be at the table at six, which suited us all well. I had the terrine with a delicious home made chutney and salad leaves for starter, followed by the hugest portion of steak pie I think I have ever seen. The amount on my plate was the amount I would have prepared for me, Mum and Dad with possibly some left over! All a bit daunting. It was, however, delicious - melt in the mouth stuff but, sadly, I couldn't eat even half of it. At the other end of the table, DG had the same and managed to plough his way through most of it, having already had French onion soup, and then finished off with a dessert. Where did he put it all?
It was a lovely evening, my only complaint being, as with so many places, that their portions are unreasonably large. I'd have been glad to have had one third of what was served! Note to self: Next time, have the salmon!

As for today, there's very little cooking to be done. Breakfast will be toast as that's what Mum and Dad always have. Then they leave and head home. Lunch/dinner will be the leftovers of the Chinese takeaway on Friday evening and tea will be more of the soup we had yesterday for lunch. There's some ironing to do and the planning to print out, none of which is particularly onerous. The garden desperately needs some attention, but it won't happen today.

The weather is forecast to get rough - high winds and very heavy rain. Chelmsford has already had some flooding this week, so it doesn't look good. Being a little higher round here, we have never had any problems of that kind (touch wood), but there are some local areas that tend to get waterlogged and new housing has recently been built in one of those areas. I hope they'll be OK.

Photo: Given the dull weather, another iris photo seems appropriate. This used coloured edges.

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