Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday morning.

The last day of the half term is here. Sad!

After breakfast, I will have to set to and get the planning tweaked and ready, with resources to match. After that it's some housework. And this afternoon I'm finally getting over to DD's to see her, DG and the kittens who, she tells me, are now all over the place and very delightful to watch. I'll be able to take her the lemon curd which she now has to eat in a week, although I doubt that will be much of a problem!

And then tomorrow it will all be a mad panic. Remember I said I was spending yesterday in school, sorting loads of things out. I can get into school through the first entrance shared with the library. To my utter consternation, when I got there, the library was closed (for some structural work) so I couldn't get in. So my classroom is an utter tip and, as the library will remain closed for several weeks, I won't even be able to get in on Saturdays. I'm more than a bit fed up with this as I rely on those days to keep everything spick and span. That's life!

Photo: A very old one. I think most of us are getting tired of the cold and damp and this cheered me up no end!

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