Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sunday evening

I have a problem. A dilemma. A decision to make.

This morning, after posting the photo of the irises, I had a little play with them in Paintshop Pro to get some 'arty' effects It was quite good fun and I thought the series of photos could be used to brighten up my daily blogs for a few days.

But then I went over to DD's for tea and took a shamefully large number of kitten photos, some of which have come out quite nicely.

So, what do I do - post irises or kittens? Kittens or irises? I don't know so this evening I will confuse everyone and post both! Irises at the top (furred) and kittens below (don't need furring, they're furry enough already).
Hope you like them. More to follow another time.

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