Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sunday evening

I'm sitting at the PC luxuriating in the fact that I don't need to set that alarm tonight, I don't need to worry about getting to bed early in order to have enough sleep overnight and I don't have piles of resources all piled up waiting to be taken to school for the week's work.

What I do have waiting for me tomorrow is a visit from the oven man to (hopefully) repair my Rangemaster (four rings don't work) and the gas man to 'upgrade' (whatever that may mean) my gas meter. In-between times there's washing, ironing, dusting and sweeping.

And I think I fancy making some lemon curd - DD loves it as does DG, so a few jars will be welcomed, I'm sure. I needed to get some Greek yogurt, for cooking with so it had to be the full variety, not the 0% fat, and it's gorgeously creamy. Some of that with some lemon curd folded in will make a scrummy dessert or two this week.

And finally, as I had some of the pork in cider today, I will make the quick pork with mild spices tomorrow as a catch up F M C.

No photos of the kittens, sadly. The cough has returned and I've been feeling a little less than 100% most of the day, so I didn't go over. No point spreading germs!

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