Tuesday, 23 February 2010

So tired.

Our school has lots of extra curricular activities for those who are interested. Sports clubs of all sorts, a choir, an orchestra, a hand bells group, a recorder group, a speed stacking club . . . oh, all sorts. Next term a newspaper club is starting off. Variety is the name of the game
Most of them are for Key Stage 2. There's a year 2 athletics club in the summer, but mostly the clubs are for the juniors.

With one exception. For half a term each year (six weeks) we run a year 1 art club. 2o children, more or less, meet for about an hour of creative fun and frolics, with one KS1 teacher in turn. Today was the first session and I was leading it. It was supposed to be 20 children but 24 wanted to come along, so 24 it was. Actually a nice number - three groups of eight. I decided to start it off with a paint extravaganza, so we had bubble printing, string printing and blob printing and they rotated between the three tables. It all went down a real treat but it was tiring to say the least! They went home with painted hands and happy faces and I'm having an early night!!

Photo: after rain all day with a pretty heavy snow shower during the club, I need brightening up, so here's more irises!

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