Saturday, 20 February 2010

Saturday morning

. . and I've hit a target. I was very much hoping to hit 3,000 on the blog counter before the blog was a year old and I have! It's only a little blog with a few readers, but it's nice to see the numbers day by day! Thanks very much, everyone.

I missed a target in a way though. Two days ago it was Middle Brother's birthday and I was so involved with the virtual hustings questions I completely forgot. How embarrassing and how unkind of me. Sorry, MB, I hope you had a lovely day. Belated Happy Birthday!

Today? Can't put it off any longer. It's in to school for the day. Yawn . . .

My FMC this week is from February's Good Food. Roasted tomato and red pepper soup. If I get going I can make it now and take it into school to heat in the microwave for lunch. It is fairly simple: roast some onion, red pepper and a can of tomatoes with thyme, unpeeled garlic cloves, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. When softened, squeeze the garlic from their skins, blend everything, push through a sieve, season to taste . . . It says add some creme fraiche and I don't have that so I might just use milk.

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