Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Mutter, mutter . . . and FMC 6

This virus, whatever it is, has really taken hold now. I had one of those unpleasant nights where the dreams are vivid, repetitive and very irrational and the distance between sleep and wakefulness is confusingly short. If I wasn't over hot, I was over cold and however I lay, I ached all over. Nasty! I'm supposed to have DG overnight tonight and teach him how to roast a chicken. but it ain't going to happen now.

On to more pleasant things: I did another FMC last night. The pork with mild spices. It was really tasty; nothing too strong as the title suggests, but full of flavour. It was a lot nicer than the photo suggests!

As for today, well, I don't really know now. I was going to spend the whole day in school, but no way now. I suspect I'll be catching up on sleep and generally resting in the hopes that whatever it is will get bored, give up and leave! And the sooner the better . . .

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