Monday, 22 February 2010

Monday evening

How nice was it to be back at school? I do love my class this year. They're such sunny, good tempered, pleasant children and I'm very. very lucky to be their teacher!
I set them a challenge over half term. Just an optional one but one I thought they would enjoy. The challenge was to use stuff they found at home to make a model house (last half term's theme was 'houses and homes').
So a goodly number of them came in out of the wet and cold this morning with very exciting looking carrier bags which unwrapped to show some super, child-like models. At this age they are still honest enough to tell you which bits they made and which bits mummy or daddy made and one house had a paper plaque on the back which proudly proclaimed the house to be made by himself, big sister and mum! Lovely.

I took a few photos - here are some of them. They make a very interesting display!

All the colours of the rainbow.

All shapes and sizes.

This one opened up to show the inside. Very clever.

And with this one the second floor lifted off to show the downstairs. Wonderful! The little rooms had carpets, two rooms had a clock on the wall and the bedroom had a little mirror.

And one of the nicest things - the parents had heeded my plea not to buy anything special, just to use ordinary stuff. There were no ready bought, high-craft things, just loads of sellotape, paint, felt tips and inventiveness.
Just what I had hoped for.

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