Tuesday, 16 February 2010


As said earlier this morning, I was going to have DG round for the night but can't because of not being well.
I sent an email and a text message to DD to let her know as early as I could. However, I got a joyous phone call from DG, asking me if he could bring some pancake mix round when he came so we could make pancakes. Oooooohhhhhh. I'm afraid I copped out and asked to speak to DD who then explained to DG. I feel so sad - we would have had a lovely time. DD said later he was OK about it, but I wonder. I know how upset he can get when things change, especially when he's looking forward to it, and how hard it can be to explain to him. DD probably had plans too which will now come to nothing.

So, at present, there's a lonely chicken roasting (because it needed cooking today) and just me to enjoy it. And no pancakes, because I haven't the energy!

All together now . . . aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh.
End of pity party!

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