Friday, 26 February 2010

Friday evening

Mum and Dad are here and Middle Brother got down safely from snow bound Scotland. We set off to the local pub to eat, only to find it jam packed full with at least half an hour waiting time. Stuff that for a bowl of chips and a stack of onion rings - we popped off to the local Chinese and ended up with a very tasty selection for less, probably, than we would have paid in the pub, with enough left over for Sunday lunch for me and eaten in much more pleasant surroundings - my dining room.
Yes, it is more pleasant now - I got a lot of tidying up done this morning!!

Now MB is at DDs where he's staying the night, indulging in a spot of kitten cuddling and nephew bouncing!

And I MUST stay awake a bit longer - or I will be up at three again tomorrow morning.

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