Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tuesday evening

. . . and things are looking up.

For several weeks now I've had a rotten cough. During the second week of term it was so bad I had a couple of days off school and coughed so badly I felt a side muscle 'go'. Since then, the coughing has remained and it's been pretty painful at times, to the extent that I was wondering whether I needed to see my GP about it. Last night was one cough after another, so I slept badly, but today it has really felt an awful lot better. Still uncomfortable, but just better all round. So I really think I'm on the mend now. Moan over!

Mind you, it was funny in Infant Hymn Practise today, trying to give them a tuneful lead between coughs and chokes! They did remarkably well, all things considered.

I was sitting in my bay this evening, marking some work, when I looked up out of the window to see a beautiful pink sky glowing through the trees around the school. I nipped outside to take some photos, so here's one of them. Cheered me up no end, it did!

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