Thursday, 28 January 2010

Thursday evening

. . . and the coughing is definitely much less now. In just the last few days it has moved from painful to merely uncomfortable and, while I fear I shocked the children with a particularly bad bout this afternoon, it's getting much less frequent too, thank goodness. I worked out that it's been going on for more or less seven weeks with a respite during the second week of the Christmas holidays when I actually didn't have to talk, being on my own most of the time.

So today was definitely a more positive day all round, even though there were a few ructions (not personal) at school. The children were lively but pleasant and some reasonable work was produced. I said goodbye to one of my little girls at the end of school. They moved away from the area and mum was driving her children in to school every day, which was a right pain for her, not to mention expensive! They have a place at a local school and today was M's last day. Such a shame . . . it always seems to be the lovely ones that go, never the more troublesome ones.

I finish with a round of applause, a virtual pop of the champagne cork and a huge bouquet of flowers for my wonderful parents who celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary today . . . congratulations, you lovely pair.

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