Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday morning

. . . and I'm about to learn a new skill!

When I was out shopping yesterday, I noticed that Morrison's had Seville oranges and, on impulse, bought some. I've never made marmalade, although jam and chutney hold no fears and I'm a mean hand with a jelly bag!! However, as my mother is brilliant with marmalade, I've always acquired jars of wonderful bitter sweet stuff from her!
No more! I'm about to learn. And when you want to learn, you sit at the feet of the experts, right? So yesterday dear mum wrote out her method, acquired over years and years of experience, and dad scanned it over to me. And, three cheers, it doesn't involve wrapping stuff in muslin bags and squeezing until every drop of whatever is out. It does involve pushing stuff through a sieve, but I can live with that!
Guess what next weekend is devoted to!! Must check my jars and get some more value mint, if necessary. I wonder if one could add cointreau to some of the mixture - after setting point has been reached, I mean.

It other news, I had a rotten night's sleep after some fun and frolics on one of the FC conferences I help to moderate. I was approving and unapproving messages all night long, in my dreams. Not terribly restful. I hope R, who took the lion's share of the work, slept a little better - a lot better, really!

Today I think I am going to try another of the fruity pork recipes, the one I posted a link to yesterday - Clementine pork steak. I have some of the tenderloin fillet to use up and this one has mushrooms (yum) as well as the pork and orange sauce. It's not a FMC but it is new to me.

Photo: I played around with the photos of the amaryllis (which I now know is called a Clivia, thanks to Annabeth). This one is called 'chrome' and was made using Photoshop Elements 6.

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