Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sunday lunchtime

I rarely go into town on a Sunday morning. So I rushed around getting ready so I could be there just before ten and get a good parking slot. I was pleasantly surprised when the car park was pretty empty, not so much so when I realised that was because the shops didn't open until ten-thirty! Doh!

So I meandered around for a while, which was nice, then got all the things I needed. My friend, Al, will be pleased to hear that I went into Boots and stocked up with enough hearing aid batteries to last me for months and months on buy two, get the third free. I stocked up with tights in Wilkinsons and also got a new padlock for the garage. Then I went into Lakeland (bliss) and they had some freezeasy poly bags reduced so I got some in the sizes I use as well as some jars, lids and (naughty) some apple flavoured soft liquorice.

When I got home, the house was smelling wonderfully of a mixture of apple, cinnamon, baking bread and roasting lamb. The oatmeal apple loaf was done so I got it out. It has the most interesting shaped top as can be seen in the photo, but it feels OK, looks good and smells delicious and I hope the taste will match.

The lamb is still slowly roasting - maybe it will be ready for dinner soon, maybe not!

And the marmalade - well, I'm trying something I read about on the Cottage Smallholder site and letting it slowly reduce down to what I hope will be a rich, dark result. I cut the peel much more chunky than last week, to match. When it's reduced and dark, I will boil it to setting point.

What a very productive day so far!

Edited to add that I've had a slice of the bread with some butter and it's gorgeous! I'd never make the full amount as per the recipe though. I reduced it by a third and it's made a lovely big loaf. I might put a bit more apple in next time!

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