Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sunday evening

. . . and I now have a Tupperware container half filled with dehydrated mushroom. It's rather nice to eat just like that so I've put it away in the cupboard out of temptation's reach. I've also ordered a book about dehydrating as all sorts of questions come to mind - if I dry peppers, do I have to remove the skins first, will drying onions stink the place out, do I blanch carrots before starting to dry them. All these questions plus those I don't yet know I will need to ask will, hopefully, be answered soon. I gather that in the book there's a recipe for a vegetable bouillon like Marigold, but without the palm oil. Useful!

Come the summer I can dry the chives that I don't use fresh, also the parsley and the thyme. No point drying the rosemary or the bay as they're all year round herbs. I might have a go at leaf coriander though. A little selection of herbs might make a good thank you present for my parent helpers at the end of the school year and will be different. Also, I could dry the lavender in it, and some rose petals, to make pot pourri. Exciting!

Apart from that, it's back to school tomorrow. I feel so disjointed where school is concerned. Two and a half days the first week back, three days the second week back - not very consistent. Here's hoping this week will go as it should.

Photo: The mushrooms, before they were dehydrated!

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