Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sunday afternoon

And it's done, made, potted, labelled and cooling nicely. Fifteen jars of golden sunshine, two of which are queueing at the front door waiting to go to DD's house soon. She has made a fresh loaf of bread so we are having home made bread with butter and warm marmalade for tea. Mmmmmmm

While in Tesco getting the value mint sauce, I saw they still had some Seville oranges so guess what - I got some more, silly me. I want to try out something I read on The Cottage Smallholder, which is to simmer the mixture for ages until it is dark and gorgeous. This time I cut the peel quite thin - next time I will be more chunky and see how it goes, using half quantities. Those I don't use, I will freeze.

Photo: Proof!

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