Saturday, 23 January 2010

More on marmalade

What a restful experience it is, preparing everything. Cutting the fruit in half and warming in the microwave definitely helps, both in getting more juice out and in making the peel easier to deal with. None of it is hard, it just takes time and can't really be rushed. Now I've done this, I'm going to be OK with the rest and I can see my way through the process.
I was mighty grateful for the efficient knife sharpener I was given for Christmas. I'd have hated to have to do all the cutting and shredding with a knife that had lost its edge in any way.
My wooden reamer did a grand job of extracting all the juice from the fruit.
And now I have the fun of designing some labels for the jars.

At the moment, the juice, water and shred is soaking in one bowl and all the gunk is soaking in another. Photo evidence attached!

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