Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday morning

And the end of the first complete week of the term for me. I don't count the loss of 45 minutes at the end of yesterday.

In yesterday's blog I mentioned a clamp down with the children's behaviour and working habits and that I expected the day to be better - and I was right, it did go very well indeed, in that they worked hard, listened and tried to remember and do what I said. It did underline for me quite what lovely children they are and highlighted the few who have huge, enormous, genuine difficulties (as opposed to just not bothering to listen properly) in remembering verbal instructions. I've started adding little signs to my instructions, such as making snipping finger movements for 'cut out', and that seems to be helping, as does a visual prompt sheet. The latter takes so long to make though, so I must put together some cards that I can order to illustrate the instructions.

I always like Fridays! For a start, it's PPA until playtime. Then there's an hour of what might be called 'formal teaching' (maths or literacy) and then, in the afternoon, it's swimming and Golden Time. A pleasant way to end the week, definitely! And then we're a quarter of the way through the term - only three weeks until half term - where is the time going?

Photo: another clivia edit, called glowing edges.

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