Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday evening.

It's the weekend. Wonderful. Bliss. Time to rest and chill out. The planning is done, all bar some objectives because we changed a few bits today. There aren't too many resources to make for the coming week. Half term is just a couple of weeks away. What more could I ask for?

But my goodness, what a cold day. There was an icy wind all day and we had some snow/frosted hail in the afternoon, on and off. I wonder what tonight will bring.

It was non-uniform day today in return for a donation of £1.00 for Haiti. All the local schools have done the same thing today and if every child brought in a pound, we should be able to send of a very goodly sum to help those poor people to rebuild their shattered lives. If every school in the country did the same thing, it would be fantastic. One of the children in the other year 1 class, who definitely has the pen of a ready writer, wrote in her diary of her sadness and worry for the people of Haiti as well as her own personal gratitude that her life is so much safer. In no way was it an 'I'm all right, Jack' attitude, it signalled a growing awareness that she is very fortunate and it could so easily be different. A most mature attitude for a five year old to have. Well done, N., I was seriously impressed.

I need to decide on a FMC recipe. I think bedtime reading will be magazines! :0)

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