Friday, 22 January 2010

Friday evening

Phew, what a day. PPA first, when we managed to get very little done, despite some extremely hard work. I blame myself - usually I get the planning more or less done during the week and then Liz tweaks it. For various reasonable reasons this week (like not feeling 100%, needing early nights, etc) I hadn't done what I usually do and this was the result! Ho hum - guilt all round!

And then it was literacy and I was very pleased to see that after some pretty severe talking-tos at times this week they all (well, almost all) really tried hard and managed to produce something quite respectable, taking into account age, ability and previous experience. I was pleased!

The afternoon was swimming, with which I am not directly involved. Last week (when I was off, poorly) was, I hear, utter and absolute chaos - well, it was the first week and there were only three parents helping and the children were thoroughly unsettled after a very uneven start to the term.
We very much rely on parents helping as I have to stay in the classroom with the second swimming group and ideally we need two per changing room, although as my class is over-loaded with boys, two and three would be better.
Anyway, after some 'talking' (I talked and they listened - lol) and the appearance of two more wonderful CRB checked mums, it all went a lot better this afternoon, thank goodness.

After school I helped to sort the 0 to 100 cards. Imagine about 20 sets of number cards, 0 to 100, all horribly muddled up. Yup, that's what we sorted out. Three of us and it took until just after five, but it was a necessary job well done!

And then it was off to DG's wraparound care club to pick him up as both Sofia and Ava had been 'done' at the vets and DD would need to be there to pick them up. However, this was the day dear Indigo (DD's beautiful Tonkinese pedigree cat) decided to have her kittens - all six of them - so DD was stuck at home looking after her and generally acting as moggy midwife. So no sooner had I arrived at DD's, than I was dispatched to the vet's to pick up Ava and Sofia, who were very cross about the collars they will have to wear for the next ten days and thought that by running backward very fast they could leave them behind! When I left DD's, they were both in furious sulks because it hadn't worked. Bless . . .

The kittens are just gorgeous. Two boys and four girls. One of the boys (I think it's one of the boys) looks as if he is a lilac point and the other look as if they will be blue point although DD's not sure about one of them. They're not pure bred as Theo is a Birman, but they should be very pretty and very sellable too, in due time. I call them Theo's final fling, as he was 'done' shortly after he did his part in conceiving them!

I finally got home just after eight and am now trying very hard to stay awake for another half hour or so in the hopes that I won't wake at some unearthly time tomorrow morning.

And, of course, this weekend is marmalade weekend! Yay! I also intend to try to dehydrate apple slices and tomato.
And finally, welcome to a new 'follower', a very dear friend of mine, Songbird. Love you!!!

Photo: Understandably, DD wouldn't let me take flash photography so this photo of Indie and little bits of a few kittens has been edited and is of incredibly poor quality - so sorry. Hopefully better ones will follow shortly!

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