Saturday, 16 January 2010

F M C no. 3: Fruity Pork Steak

Well, what can I say? What a taste sensation! Amazing for something so very straightforward and easy on the old kitchen utensils. The only things I changed were that I added a little more redcurrant jelly and I used tenderloin fillet rather than pork steak. I prepared some rice to have with it but, in fact, didn't eat it. It tasted complete on its own and didn't need rice, noodles, etc. It would have been nice with some creamy mash, perhaps
The onion and the apple provided two of the five a day and I didn't need that much oil for the cooking, so I reckon it was pretty healthy!

Onion and apple have a natural affinity, as do pork and apple. The three, with the five spice and the sauce make a wonderful combination. I wanted to lick the plate afterwards. Did I? Not telling!!

As I thought, it reduced to one portion well and I have enough pork left for two more meals. It's going to be a porky week!

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