Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wednesday morning

. . . and it looks as if it is still raining outside. Has it actually stopped at all overnight, I wonder? I think I'd rather have the snow - at least that brightens things up for a while.

So, on to today! DD and DG almost always spend New Year's Eve over here and we have home-made pizza. I know we do seem to eat a lot of pizza but for ages it was one of the few things DG would eat happily and so traditions were established. She's asked if a good friend can come round and share in it as well, to which I agreed, of course. So today there's three beds to make up, two bedrooms to dust and sweep and a downstairs to get back into a reasonably clean state.
I will go shopping, I think, to get stuff in to make fresh pizza toppings as well as other bits and bobs; the bread makes will make the dough for me so that's no hassle.
Apart from that, I must get some planning done. I've been very good at ignoring the fact that it wasn't finished by the end of last term but time is now getting very short and I must do something about it.
No kitchen stuff today, unless I find post-Christmas bargains in Morrison's. You never know! I've spent quite a long time in the kitchen, one way and another, over the last week or so. A day out of it would be quite nice really.

Better get going - I have to put out the wheelie bin!

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