Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday morning

Christmas is really over now, bank holiday and all. The tree stays up until around Twelfth Night because I'm boringly traditional, but what I call the Christmas buzz has gone into hibernation until next December.

The bubble and squeak cakes, which I finally got round to eating yesterday, were very tasty. They were made from left over sprouts, carrot, parsnip, roasties and roast onion, all roughly mashed together with some seasonings, including nutmeg, and a little beaten egg. I formed the mixture into patties, floured-egged-and-breadcrumbed them, using fresh breadcrumbs, and then gently fried them in some turkey dripping until they were golden and crunchy on the outside. Served with some turkey gravy, they were scrummy and just about all made from leftovers. Even the breadcrumbs were from a loaf that had gone rather stale and would otherwise have been thrown away.

Today's breakfast will be pretty unhealthy - toast and dripping. That takes me right back to childhood days when we always had dripping after Christmas, spread on hot buttered toast (I know, double fat, terribly unhealthy) with salt sprinkled over. Just this once, I will enjoy it and not worry about the health issues. The rest of the fat will probably be thrown out and the remaining stock used for gravy. There's not much left now.

Having dealt with the turkey leftovers, all I need to do today is sort out the Christmas cake and freeze, wrapped well, in single portions. A bit fiddly, but worth doing. And then it's making soup from any tired vegetables and that's about it!

I do have to have a serious washing, drying and ironing day as well. There's not as many sheets, etc, as there could be, but my lovely white tablecloths need a good, long, hot wash, as do the napkins, before they are tucked away until the next big occasion. I wonder if there's anything worth watching on the telly - it helps the ironing to go with more of a swing if I can watch telly at the same time!

Photo: Sage leaves Impressionised, using Elements 6 - first go, so very - er - click-and-hope-for-the-best!

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