Thursday, 31 December 2009

Thursday morning

This is a view of frosted tiles, taken from my bedroom window last week . . .

And this is the same photo, edited, using Essentials 6. I thought it looked interesting.

I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday afternoon. I was in Morrisons getting stuff for the pizzas today when who should I meet but a very old friend who I haven't seen for quite a while now. We had a good chat (in the wind and rain) before parting and I'm hoping to go round hers next Friday after school.

In the Food and Drink Conference on FirstClass (the OU conferencing site), some people set themselves foody challenges at the start of this year. One lady, Maggie, set herself the challenge of cooking every recipe in a cookbook by Nigel Slater, something she has just achieved a few days before the end of the year. What a phenomenal achievement! She's kept a blog about it, which I've only just started reading, I'm ashamed to admit. It's well worth a visit.

I was umming and ahing about some kind of cooking challenge but what?
I couldn't do what Maggie has done in a million years but I could do something less intense perhaps. I take a number of foody mags which I read with great pleasure - the likes of BBC Good Food, Delicious, Olive, etc, plus supermarket mags from Sainsburys and Tescos. I always see recipes that appeal , even getting as far as cutting them out sometimes, but I rarely get round to making them.

I thought - suppose I set a target to make one new recipe from one of the various foody mags every week - so 52 new recipes each year. I think I could manage that. Most recipes are for four or more and there's just me, so there would be some restrictions - they'd have to be either cut down-able or freezable, for example. They'd have to be reasonably economical most of the time. They could, however, be a main dish, a dessert, a cake . . . I would not set limits on the type of recipe.
Also, most foody mag recipes appear online, so I could post links here.
I shall think about this one - it sounds good to me.

As today is New Year's Eve, I will be having DD and DG, together with a friend, round to stay the night. Home made pizzas is the name of the game and I've cheated by buying some sun dried tomato pasta sauce to use on them. The rest will be a sort of 'make your own' thing with everyone choosing what they want from a range of toppings.

And I am absolutely sure that I, for one, will never manage to stay awake to see in the new year!

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