Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sunday morning

Today the last of the Christmas visitors are leaving as Mum and Dad drive home to Letchworth. Sad.

After the success of the potted turkey yesterday, I've been searching for some recipes for potted ham.
Most of them say more or less the same thing: use ham, butter, mustard, mace or nutmeg and blend it all together. The covering of the finished pate with butter stops the air from getting to the meat and therefore is a way of preserving it in the shorter term. That's also why it has to be packed down hard in the pot - it eliminates air bubbles.
I reckon that if I use small, individual pots for the potted ham and cover the surface with 'easy-leave' before freezing, there's no need for the extra butter to seal the top.
Yesterday's potted turkey will need slicing, wrapping and freezing in single portions too. Thank goodness for freezers!

The other main task, apart from catching up on sleep, is to deal with the turkey carcass. That will involve taking off all the remaining meat and then boiling the remains up with some herbs to create a delicious stock which can then be used for turkey hotpot and similar. Mum and Dad will take a good portion of sliced turkey home with them, of course, plus some ham, some cake, some pork pie, some pudding . . . and, if they will take it, a carton of cream. I grossly overestimated how much cream we would be using.

Looking at what's left, I can't see that I'm going to need to do any food shopping for weeks - which will be great for cancelling out the cost of Christmas! Helping to, anyway.

AND there's another week of holiday before the new term starts. Bliss!

Edited to add a photo: the potted turkey made yesterday

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