Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sunday a bit later on

Mum and Dad have just left and all around is very quiet and perhaps a little bit lonely. The feeling won't last long; I'm used to being on my own and like it most of the time. It's just the sudden contrast, plus the fact that I dearly love my parents and we get on so very well. It has been lovely having them here for a little bit longer than they usually stay.

Looking at what I have in the fridge and pondering on lunch, I think I will make a sort of bubble and squeak thingy. I have potatoes, sprouts, parsnips, onion and carrot, all cooked. Mash them together with some nutmeg and black pepper and fry in a little turkey dripping. The red cabbage (which is simply gorgeous, thank you, Delia) can be heated and go on the side and the turkey can heat up in yesterday's little bit of left over gravy. Simply delicious.

Then, this afternoon, it's serious work dismantling the remains of the bird.

And this evening it's Doctor Who, which I wasn't able to watch on Christmas Day. Can't wait - I hear it was very. very good. There's also a programme about Torvill and Dean and the creation of Bolero. It must be quite old, but then so am I and I'm also looking forward to that. I think it's a measure of the impact those two young skaters had that I am quite confident to just mention their names and the dance and expect that most readers will know exactly what I mean.
If the two programmes clash, one will be recorded.
See - already I am feeling more positive - I can watch what I like, when I like. The fact that mostly I don't is neither here nor there! I am once again the master of my own viewing!

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