Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A pleasant surprise

My garden is a right mess. It needs a good shake up and sort out and it's not likely to get it in the next few months.

While moving from house to shed to put the Stilton butter in the freezer, a patch of colour in a pot caught my eye and, on looking, I remembered that in the summer I had planted some carrots in said pot. I rather forgot about them (ooops) so they were thoroughly neglected through most of the summer and autumn. It doesn't seem to have done them any harm though, as you can see in the photo - messy, but plenty of carrots growing there, side by side, very cramped.

I pulled one and here it is. I've just scrubbed it and eaten it raw and it's really tasty . . . so I'm well chuffed. So what do I do - leave them a while longer, pull them a few at a time or empty the whole pot, par boil them and freeze them? Decisions, decisions.

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