Tuesday, 22 December 2009

More pie news

I'm sure my gentle readers must be totally and utterly fed up with the pie saga by now, but this is my blog and is rapidly becoming a way of thinking out loud for me.

So, anyway, I got some good sausages from Morrison's (that is NOT a contradiction in terms) which were pork and apple. Lovely big chunks of apple too. So I mixed the contents of a few sausages with what was left of the mixture from yesterday, added more lemon zest (yum) and some mixed herbs and mixed it all well. Then I made a half load of hot crust pastry and, instead of making the base, rolling the side and joining the two together (which is where I get a lot of leaks), I moulded it up the inside of the tin, so no joins until the top. The main problem with that is that it's all too easy to get rather thick pastry which I know my parents aren't fond of, but I'm hoping that this way there will be no leaks. It's now in the oven for its first baking so fingers crossed.

Jackie and I had a lovely time at the Magic Mushroom and then looking around the farm shops. Thank goodness the roads were all clear apart from my road and hers, so all was well. I managed a lovely skid on the way home, down my road though, as everything was freezing again by then. Thankfully, no other cars were about and it was controlled.
If you get the chance, do have a meal at the M M. Not cheap, but delicious and great service.

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