Monday, 28 December 2009

Monday morning

. . . and, as someone on FC pointed out, it's a Bank Holiday. Bank holidays don't impact much on teachers as they almost always fall during a break (no complaints from me). Sometimes I only realise that it's a Bank Holiday when the rubbish doesn't get collected or when I go to put my bin out and find that no-one else in the cul-de-sac has done so. The council web site says collection this week is Wednesday. Good - that gives me time to get a goodly tip for them. They do a grand job do our wheelie men, out in all weathers, collecting all the extra stuff that wouldn't go in the bin. Definitely some of the world's unsung heroes.

Yesterday was supposed to be turkey day. That was my firm intention, my resolution for the day . . . etc.
Yeah, sure . . . I ended up sleeping most of the afternoon away.

However, today culinary resolution is burning more brightly and the remains of the turkey are now boiling away in two pots (even my biggest pot wasn't large enough), having been thoroughly picked over first. There's an awful lot of meat left on the bones which is just as well, as I'm sharing it with Mum and Dad and will be popping up to Letchworth at some point in the near future to hand over their share of the booty.

How far I get with the rest of it is in the lap of the gods at present. Picking through the boiled up remains is not the most pleasant job in the world and I may not feel much like creating pies, etc once that's all done. We shall see!

The other think I want to try today, if possible, is to cook some sprouts the bacon and chestnut way. I've read about it, seen it done on the telly, heard it's jolly tasty, etc, but never tried it. As I understand it, you cook your sprouts until they are just done. Then you fry some bacon until crisp, with some chopped chestnuts (I have some in the freezer so that's OK) and toss the ingredients together in some butter, bacon fat or whatever. As I said, it sounds nice . . .

Photo: During the Christmas cooking, I made great use of my sage bushes. Great flavour and they look nice too.

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