Monday, 21 December 2009

Monday morning . . .

Today I brave the shop! This is my early morning schedule
6:00: get dressed
6:15: Get rubbish out for collection
6:30-ish: de-ice car and set off for Sainsbury's. Drop off key for plumber on the way.
7:00: Sainsbury's opens.
All good fun, isn't it?

A blogger friend gave me the idea of making my Christmas gravy in advance. As it happens, I have a couple of jars of really good chicken stock which I can use, with some white wine, seasonings, etc. Then it can be frozen, like the other stuff. Anything to save me trouble on Christmas morning.

The other big task for today is to get the bedrooms ready. My darling parents have said they will bring their sheets with them which reduces the work load for me (and makes more for them, bless them). Poor brother, John, will be in the green room, the little room over the stairs, and is very understanding about the work I have to do to clear a route from the door to the bed for him!

Getting there!!

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