Monday, 28 December 2009

Monday afternoon

Phew - it's been a busy morning in the kitchen but well worth it.
I now have:
  • four ham, turkey and Stilton pies (single size
  • four Christmas crumbles (a savoury crumble - single size)
  • five good sized portions of turkey and ham savoury rice
  • four portions of turkey in gravy
There might be enough to make some turkey curry too, except that I will use a jar of curry sauce. I will have to see how much turkey there is left, as some of it is for Mum and Dad!

Thank goodness for the dishwasher!

I am pleased with the Christmas crumble. The bottom is onion, leek, sweetcorn, mushrooms, turkey, ham and chopped chestnuts, simmered in turkey stock and then thickened. No added salt but plenty of pepper and some nutmeg. The topping is wholemeal flour, butter, oats, nutmeg, pepper and finely grated cheddar. I also added a few chopped hazelnuts, left over from DD's nut roast. I can't give amounts as it is one of those 'see how it goes' type recipes but there was a bit left over for another time, so that will also go in the freezer.

Now I need to tidy up the kitchen

Photo: Christmas crumble. It doesn't look much but it tastes a lot better than it looks and a zillion times better than the quality of the photo!

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