Friday, 25 December 2009

Christmas evening

It's been a lovely day but my goodness, I'm tired now.

I was pleased that all the preliminary work paid off and The Dinner went smoothly. There wasn't an awful lot left over either, which was very satisfying. Well - I say not a lot, but I'm not counting the turkey in that. There's loads and loads and loads of turkey left and, my goodness, it was delicious. One thinks of turkey as a somewhat tasteless meat but this had both taste and texture in abundance. Three cheers for the Kelly clan!

Cutting off the drumsticks made a big difference to the cooking time - I think I will do that from now on as a matter of course. Not only was it easier to handle and quicker to cook, the carving was correspondingly quicker too. It all helps when one is trying to juggle a number of different cooking techniques at the same time.

I do hope all my readers have had as satisfying a day as I have had, however they have spent it.

Photo: The Christmas cake, baked and iced by DD. It's now in three pieces, the top one for my brother John to take back to Scotland tomorrow, the middle one for her and the bottom one for me and my parents to share. It's a delicious fruit cake with exotic dried fruits such as pineapple, as well as the usual vine fruits. Thanks, love, it's a triumph!

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