Thursday, 24 December 2009

Christmas Eve morning

Brother John is travelling down from Scotland today. I hope he will be OK.

The coffee is ready to make, the table has been laid, all is ready for breakfast. After that it's some kitchen work - preparing the sprouts (yum, love them) and getting the turkey (poor mangled thing) ready for the oven, after which it can go out in the shed where it's pretty cool, freeing up some fridge space. Just about everything else is ready, apart from the parsnips and carrots, which I will do tomorrow morning.
Lunch is leek and potato soup which has already been made and frozen. It just needs re-heating, seasoning and milk and cream adding. There will be some grated cheese to sprinkle over, if wanted, and croutons and bread. Fresh fruit for dessert.
Dinner will be what has become a Christmas Tradition. DS and his partner make us pizzas - delicious home-made pizzas, and we have a buffet with some salad and garlic bread. We always try not to eat too much and usually fail dismally!

Apart from that, I'm still feeling quite tired as I continue to fight off this cold virus thing, so will hopefully be able to take some time to snooze.

Yesterday, Dad emailed to say that they were setting off at a certain time and popping into Tescos before leaving Baldock. I gave them a short list of things I still needed. Neither of us remembered that 'popping into Tesco's' is not an option the day before Christmas Eve. So there was Dad, driving around the car park for ages, looking for a parking slot before they pushed their way through the crowds to get the few items they wanted. I think maybe if it had just been their things, they'd have thought 'blow it' and not bothered, but because they had a list of things for me, they felt they needed to persist. I bet today will be an absolute nightmare! There have been times when I have thought working in a shop would be infinitely preferable to teaching (especially around report times) but definitely not at Christmas. I'm very glad our Morrison's is not opening on Boxing Day and I hope that's the same for all supermarkets.

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