Saturday, 26 December 2009

Boxing Day

It's a comparatively mild morning here in Essex and we have obviously had some rain overnight. Just about all the snow and ice has gone and it's safe walking again. Good news all round.

John left earlier for his long drive back to Jedburgh. He left laden with all sorts of goodies - turkey, one of the frozen drumsticks, ham slices, Christmas pudding, mince pies, some of Mum's home-made biscuits, the top of DD's Christmas cake, a carton of cream, some beer and a bag of salad. If he did get trapped in a snowdrift, he wouldn't starve, that's for sure!

Today is going to be a restful day, I hope. I will drive off to Tesco or Sainsbury to feed the bottle bank and pick up a paper for Dad. Even if Morrisons was open today (which is isn't), it would be no use as they removed the bottle banks when it changed from Somerfield to Morrisons and didn't replace them. There's just about enough food left over from yesterday that I don't have to cook very much. I have some frozen roasties and will probably do some more carrots, but apart from that it's all left-overs. Excellent.

I have to decide what to do with the turkey. There's a lot of meat left over but I don't want a lot of single roast meals in the freezer. I will do some savoury turkey rice which freezes well and make some hotpots and I read a nice recipe for potted turkey which ought to freeze well in little pots. As well as that I'll trawl the internet, I think, for some ideas for interesting leftover recipes.

Happy Boxing Day to everyone!

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