Monday, 21 December 2009

The best laid plans . . .

6:00: get dressed Tick
6:15: Get rubbish out for collection Tick
6:30-ish: de-ice car and set off for Sainsbury's. Drop off key for plumber on the way.
See neighbour from over the cul de sac de-icing car. Neighbour gets into car, reverses out of his drive and attempts the slope up to the end of our cul de sac. Tyres skid on ice, not helped by some furious revving of engine. I go to help to no avail. Oh, for some sand or grit.
Fifteen minutes later I remember that I have a water softener and therefore some granular salt. Fair amount of granular salt is spread up the slops and around neighbour's car. Tyres are able to hold and off he goes. Off I go with no problems.
7:00: Sainsbury's opens.
I'm sure it did but I wasn't there until about 7:15. However, it wasn't at all crowded and I managed to spend a simply horrific amount of money on 'necessities' for Christmas. Now I have to unpack it all.

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